Now Running (Listed in Order of Closing Date)

No theater in Los Angeles has quite embraced my sense of humor like the beloved Whitefire in Sherman Oaks. Back in the spring they produced my air guitar ruckus Balls Alive!, and ushered it to an award this summer at the International Short & Sweet Festival. 

Now they've "reached around" for another short comedy, Thespian Porn, (pictured). A young actor spends his first day on an adult film set, but has a very different kind of performance in mind. Directed by Whitefire artistic director Bryan Rasmussen, the show is part of a series of short comedies every Tuesday until October 31.   


My play Reunion helps kick off this new festival on Saturday, November 11th, at a historic theater 40 minutes outside NYC. Directed by off-Broadway pioneer Jan Buttram, it's a bittersweet near-miss of a romance between two people from a previous generation. 

Starring Martin LaPlatney (original Broadway cast of Amadeus) and Susan Greenhill (original Broadway cast of Crimes of the Heart). 

I have a prior commitment in California that day, but I hope you'll see it for me. Let me know what you think!